Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Monday was busy

Good morning,

Man i had a fucken hectic yesterday... I sent about a million emails and did a million things.
I have finally got the artwork sorted for our for our EP so I am just waiting for that and then I'm gonna go postal CRAZY!
Sending it all around the country and the world. I have all these excellent ideas, but not too sure how to execute them.
We are getting a video shot for the track 'Daisy Chain' on Thursday - Thanks to the guys at Natty History.
That will be cool I think.

Just found a very cool new band in the UK called 'in case of fire' (http://www.myspace.com/incaseoffire) They are a bit like Refused crossed with Blood Brothers 2 of my favorite bands from my hardcore days.

That's it from me today

Hope you are well


Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Today is wednesday!

Just came in early to work... My girlfriend volunteers at Radio One and does the news on a wednesday morning and I decided to come in with her this morning.

Through our Myspace, we have managed to cross paths with a very wonderful person! Amanda a.k.a Miss NZ. She has done a hundred cool things for us with the latest introducing us (via Myspace) to a band from Melbourne 'The Beautiful Burn'. They are really wicked. I listened to their tunes a few times. I have requested an EP off them for my radio show (Fridays 4-7pm www.r1.co.nz)... seeing if I can get some international / cross-tasman boundaries broken!!! We are really keen to get over to Aussie to play a few shows.

I think it would be a wicked place to play. I have heard that Melbourne is the place to play in terms of live music.

We have a few shows coming up around the Big Day Out time:

15th Jan - Whammy Bar in Auckland
17th Jan - Mighty Mighty in Wellington

I have looked at the BDO 3rd announcement.... Knives At Noon... nooo.

Slightly gutted. I mean I knew it was a really long shot but still held a small candle (maybe like a birthday cake candle?) Clap Clap Riot made it so they may not be playing with us at Whammy?

Hope you have a lovely day

Knives At Noon