Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Monday was busy

Good morning,

Man i had a fucken hectic yesterday... I sent about a million emails and did a million things.
I have finally got the artwork sorted for our for our EP so I am just waiting for that and then I'm gonna go postal CRAZY!
Sending it all around the country and the world. I have all these excellent ideas, but not too sure how to execute them.
We are getting a video shot for the track 'Daisy Chain' on Thursday - Thanks to the guys at Natty History.
That will be cool I think.

Just found a very cool new band in the UK called 'in case of fire' (http://www.myspace.com/incaseoffire) They are a bit like Refused crossed with Blood Brothers 2 of my favorite bands from my hardcore days.

That's it from me today

Hope you are well


Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Today is wednesday!

Just came in early to work... My girlfriend volunteers at Radio One and does the news on a wednesday morning and I decided to come in with her this morning.

Through our Myspace, we have managed to cross paths with a very wonderful person! Amanda a.k.a Miss NZ. She has done a hundred cool things for us with the latest introducing us (via Myspace) to a band from Melbourne 'The Beautiful Burn'. They are really wicked. I listened to their tunes a few times. I have requested an EP off them for my radio show (Fridays 4-7pm www.r1.co.nz)... seeing if I can get some international / cross-tasman boundaries broken!!! We are really keen to get over to Aussie to play a few shows.

I think it would be a wicked place to play. I have heard that Melbourne is the place to play in terms of live music.

We have a few shows coming up around the Big Day Out time:

15th Jan - Whammy Bar in Auckland
17th Jan - Mighty Mighty in Wellington

I have looked at the BDO 3rd announcement.... Knives At Noon... nooo.

Slightly gutted. I mean I knew it was a really long shot but still held a small candle (maybe like a birthday cake candle?) Clap Clap Riot made it so they may not be playing with us at Whammy?

Hope you have a lovely day

Knives At Noon

Monday, November 10, 2008

The EP is being well received!

Howdy once again,

It appears that 'the tribe has spoken' when it comes to the EP. People are enjoying it all over the world.
We have had feed back from the US, the UK, Canada, Aussie and many more countries!

If you would like to have a listen head to our myspace... http://www.myspace.com/knivesatnoon other wise if you would like to down load it you need to go here... http://www.muzic.net.nz/artists/2305.html you need to become a member and then you can download it!

If you do download or listen please feel free to leave a message and let us know what your favorite track is.

Hopefully we can get some more knives writing on this!

Good times

Knives AtNoon

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Hello friends,

Our new 4 song E.P. (mixed/mastered by Dale Cotton in Dunedin) is available to listen to on our MySpace site (myspace.com/knivesatnoon). Physical copies will be made available soon. We will also be playing shows around the country in January.

Thank you.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Do what I want

Hey there everyone looking these ways.

Wow, It has bee a really long time since I have wrote (on behalf of us). I thought I should let you know that we have an additional member in the band now. His name is Tim McCartney. He is an excellent singer. We are happy to have him!

Also, Knives At Noon have finished their 2nd EP and it will be Mastered tomorrow!
Dale Cotton has done the mixing and mastering of our 2nd EP. He is a magician and has done wonders to this new sound that we have.

I am trying to get our website up and running. I currently am applying for Orientation tours around New Zealand... I will keep you posted as to how that goes. Also, we are trying to get on the bill to play at the Big Day Out!!!

Hope you are cool.

I will write again when I can.... hope it will not be another 6 months.


Knives At Noon

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Red Bull Live to Air


We have been invited to play the red bull live to air!
We will be playing live all over the b.Net stations on the 29th of May!
Tune in and find the live stream on www.redbullstudio.co.nz or www.r1.co.nz

I hope we can catch you on tour otherwise on the airways!


Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Hey all,

We have a posted a revised version of the video which will be the first track off our brand new self titled EP. This can be found on youtube .com and http://www.myspace.com/knivesatnoon 
The track is called 'Wake Up Call'

All video footage was shot by Teri Higgins.
Edited by Tim Couch - K@N.



Monday, March 31, 2008

Knives check out Dudley

Thursday 27th March,
I pottered along to the St Paul's Cathedral and saw Dudley Benson.

First up we had Mr Richard Nunns. This man knew everything there is to know about New Zealand Native instruments. He gave a 20 minute lecture on all of these fascinating instruments ranging from hand crafted stone through to a flute made from bones of albatrosses 

This was a fantastic way to start off the performance which was to follow.

First the 8 part choir arrived then the string quartet. Following this the man him self Mr Dudley Benson arrived on stage. Starting off with the first track of his new album The Awakening, His angelic voice echoed through the halls of St Pauls. After several tracks he go to the single off his New album. This is a wonderful song and for anyone who has not heard it Audrey H is a masterpiece.
What sounds almost like a harpsichord brings life to the tune. The quartet follows soon after.
He continued to play all of his marvelous tracks

All in all a brilliant evening.

I will keep you posted about the lives of knives


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Groove guide

We have just been put on the Groove guide list of up and coming bands... This is an excellent way for others to see what is going on around Good old NZ.

We have 6 shows coming up over the NZ music month of May! 
I used to play in a band which toured a lot, and there is nothing more fun than heading around the country playing shows.

I think Wellington will be an exceptionally enjoyable show!



Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Hello all and welcome to the Knives at Noon blog.

Bear with us as we are new to the realm of blogging!

Knives at Noon is an electro-indy band from New Zealand and started life in Dunedin. Formed from three ambitious musicians, Knives combines delicious angular guitar, sweet synthersizers, rumbling electronic bass and high intensity drums.

The three musicians - Andy Ketals (Vocals/Guitar), Oli Wilson (Synths), and Tim Couch (drums) - all met at the University of Otago. Their love of electro music and exciting live shows drew them all together.

Knives at Noon have just put the finishing touches on their debut EP. They are about to tour New Zealand playing live and distributing the new EP. Catch them at the following places:

Jetset Lounge - Christchurch (9th May)
Backstage - Dunedin (10th May)
Bar Mode - Palmerston North (23rd May)
Bodega - Wellington (24th May)
The Dog's Bollix - Auckland (30th May)
Yellow Submarine - Hamilton (31st May)

Get along to one of their live shows and see for yourself the Knives at Noon experience.


Knives At Noon