Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Today is wednesday!

Just came in early to work... My girlfriend volunteers at Radio One and does the news on a wednesday morning and I decided to come in with her this morning.

Through our Myspace, we have managed to cross paths with a very wonderful person! Amanda a.k.a Miss NZ. She has done a hundred cool things for us with the latest introducing us (via Myspace) to a band from Melbourne 'The Beautiful Burn'. They are really wicked. I listened to their tunes a few times. I have requested an EP off them for my radio show (Fridays 4-7pm www.r1.co.nz)... seeing if I can get some international / cross-tasman boundaries broken!!! We are really keen to get over to Aussie to play a few shows.

I think it would be a wicked place to play. I have heard that Melbourne is the place to play in terms of live music.

We have a few shows coming up around the Big Day Out time:

15th Jan - Whammy Bar in Auckland
17th Jan - Mighty Mighty in Wellington

I have looked at the BDO 3rd announcement.... Knives At Noon... nooo.

Slightly gutted. I mean I knew it was a really long shot but still held a small candle (maybe like a birthday cake candle?) Clap Clap Riot made it so they may not be playing with us at Whammy?

Hope you have a lovely day

Knives At Noon

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